This tour has everything. We will explore the caves of Drogarati and Melissani, a place of outstanding beauty, in the village of karavomylos, where the boats are waiting for us for a trip around the lake. We continue to the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos in which there is the body of the saint patron of the island and the castle of Saint George, a fortification on the top of a hill overlooking the valley of Argostoli. Also we will taste some of the best wines in the island at the local cooperative. Time for walking and shopping through the streets of Argostoli. We cannot miss a photostop on the top of Myrtos Bay.


Leaving the magic port of Fiscardo and its vintage beauty we drive south on the top of Myrtos Bay to take photos of this unique beach, one of the most famous in Europe. From here to Melissani cave (an underground lake within a cave), the lake of the Nymphs. The port of Sami is an ideal place for relaxing and having a coffee by the seaside. We continue to Omala village where we will admire the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos. The tour continues to the castle of Saint George and the Monastery of Saint Andrew which holds a treasure for the Christian faithful. Finally we are going to have a dinner at a local tavern in the capital city of Argostoli and enough time to explore the city. Many more little secrets are waiting to be revealed during our tour!


Experience hidden treasures many visitors miss. We will discover the other side of Kefalonia and its underground world through the caves of Melissani and Drogarati. Also we have the chance to see the unique geological phenomenon that connects the picturesque village of karavomylos with the city of Argostoli. The Antisamos beach is attracting scores of people every summer. Plenty of time for dinner and coffee at Agia Efimia and Sami.


Join us for a sightseeing tour of Kefalonia associated with its unique historical, archaeological and mythical heritage. The cave lake of Melissani -besides its natural beauty it was an ancient Greek temple for centuries- the castle of Saint George, a reminiscent of the Byzantine and Venetian era in Kefalonia, other interesting sites and secret places are waiting to be discovered by you!


Join us for a stroll through the capital city of Kefalonia. We will visit the folk museum, the Botanic Garden, the historic city centre. Time for taking photos on the top of Myrtos Bay. On our way back, among other things, we will admire the underground Melissani lake and drink our coffee at the picturesque village of Agia Efimia.


With our experience in providing services to our guests and thorough knowledge of Kefalonia and its treasures we can satisfy any demand. We believe that we should arrange holidays you want and not what we want to sell. Our tours are flexible and open to changes.

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Giorgos studied History & Archaeology, among other subjects, at the University of Athens and European Studies in the UK. He is a specialist in culture, history and archaeology. Giorgos has been working for many years as a guide. He can provide you with a comprehensive itinerary while he really enjoys fulfilling the expectations of any group of visitors for exploring any aspect of the island.