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What better way to explore Fiscardo’s beautiful turquoise bays and beaches than by kayak. Book now and enjoy a truly fun memorable day out paddling on the water, sea sun and fun.


Kefalonia is a big island with many things to do and see, but for an unforgettable experience test your sea legs with us. While visiting, it is a great opportunity to get on board and start a journey around the island. Rent a boat and sail to places and beaches that are not accessible by car and enjoy untouched scenery along the coastline of the island, especially in Assos and Fiscardo.


Get ready for a truly adventurous experience as we explore the best of what Kefalonia and the surrounding Ionian waters have to offer. Admire the stunning polymorphic underwater formations and the various species of sea creatures and colorful flora that compose unique underwater scenery.

When on an island there is nothing like scuba diving and discovering the hidden treasures of the ocean. Will you follow the blue?


Rough landscapes with cliffs and lush greenery mix together creating a unique combination that will take your breath away. That is what the island of Kefalonia is all about when it comes to hiking. Even if you are not much of an athletic type, you should really try to stroll around the island hiking. Forget your car and follow the narrow paths and hiking trails with the breathtaking views and discover traditional Greek villages, traditional architecture, sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets. So grab your hiking equipment and let us explore some of the most unknown routes. Discover the island in every step of the way!


Summer in Kefalonia can be quite hot so what better way to travel around the island than sailing? Easy and quick transportation that still allows you to see and explore the beauties of the island, through its various routes and paths. Cross the Ionian Sea in a private sailing boat, and according to individual preferences, view and amble over the twisted cliffs and enter a truly inspiring adventure and unveil the wonders of Kefalonia from a different perspective. Stopping points can include a swim at some of the most beautiful and inaccessible beaches of the island, with stunning azure waters and tranquil surrounding environment.

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